WAD – We’re All Different (Official Music Video)

WAD – We're All Different (Official Music Video)

Autism doesn't hold back 16 year old Northern Irish Rapper Ryan Larmour (aka WAD) from doing what he loves best, with the power of Rap music Ryan hopes to raise awareness, inspire and help support people with the same condition, please feel free to click like or leave a comment below, show your support for young people living with autism by sharing this video with your friends. Special thanks to: Emma McKeown from randalstown. www.manorparkstudios.com (recording) www.benburbproductions.com (video) www.sensenightclub.com

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3 Responses to “WAD – We’re All Different (Official Music Video)”

  1. Hi Ryan Really well done, from your old piano teacher..very impressed

  2. Well done Ryan! great song

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