Vicetone feat. Obama – Hope (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Vicetone Video by Walter and Andre from Melody4Emotion This is not about politics but rather about his inspiring words and how much they can be related into our lives. "It doesnt matter who you are, or where you come form, or what you look like or who you love…"

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7 Responses to “Vicetone feat. Obama – Hope (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)”

  1. Harry Pates says:

    Romney flip flopped too many times to have a specific plan for this country. Bottom line is, republicans keep coming up with stunt monkeys who are just as stupid as their country.. thankfully, this country is changing faith and voting for an intelligent leader who will actually do some good.

  2. lifecon1 says:

    well when they do vote for someone intelligent and show the majority of actual US citizens are not dumb, let me know. til then America continues to make poor choices…sigh

  3. After this song I have hope!!!

  4. shrpshtr4488 says:

    well there is still hope for america because Obama is not officially elected yet until the Electoral College votes sometime in December. But if 18 states have their electors refuse to vote then the selection of President will fall to the House of Reps. and they will pick Romney.

  5. shrpshtr4488 says:

    HAHAHA did i just hear Obama talking about hard work? that is one of the funniest things i have ever heard seeing as how he just keeps funding all the entitlements that make it so people dont have to actually do anything anymore.

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