Tyler Ward – The Way We Are – Official Music Video – Original Song

Download this song and my very first ALBUM here: bit.ly You have no idea what this song/video means to me! It's the first single off my very first album, 'Hello, Love, Heartbreak' – If you could hit the "like" button and maybe pass it on to a friend, that would be amazing! You guys are seriously the best! I LOVE YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! Love, Tyler Also…I dare you to watch this with creepy music in the background…kind of feels like a horror film doesn't it? LOL. The Way We Are Lyrics: VERSE 1: I'm backseat to your freeway This could never be safe Cause, I might get lost in you I'm just a little bit defeated I've got my reasons One being you're just passing through You know I love you but I'm Feeling afraid, you never say One thing to keep me holding on You push me away CHORUS: Why do you lie beside me? When you never have time And you're fine without me? And I, think it's pretty unlikely, That the words on your mind Could ever inspire me To stay and love the way we are VERSE 2: Every time you are lonely Why am I the only one You come running to Got me saying that "I love you" When I know that the truth is You could trade me for something new You keep me hanging like you're So unaware, you're never there you should know better but you don't And it's never fair CHORUS: Why, do you lie beside me, When you never have time And you're fine without me And I, think it's pretty unlikely, That the words on your mind Could ever <b>…</b>

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9 Responses to “Tyler Ward – The Way We Are – Official Music Video – Original Song”

  1. Hellrazor49 says:

    Tyler I know you have probably read millions of comments like this one but hear it goes.
    You are my favourite musician your music I connect with more then any other and your following your dreams which really inspires me, I listen to your music whatever mood im in and it just makes my day all that much better!
    I hope all your dreams come true and dont stop what your doing because you have the love and support of heaps of people!!!

  2. Anja Radan says:

    Hey! I think its a shame we in Croatia don’t get to see you play but I say it’s only a matter of time :) Anyways, the song is great and as a lyricist (if such a person exist) I know how difficult it is to write a song, as a musician …I can’t say yet! It’s a catchy song that catches you from the start. I know it takes courage to put your work out here but I think you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. And the story in the video is so sick I love it. The song is great and keep up the good work! :)

  3. Hey Tyler: I just found you. You are out of this world talented!! I am an artist, latin singer songwriter myself and you just INSPIRED me deeply!!! I can’t wait to go see you in NY in December. LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Raykenira says:

    Ya he’s right :P i follow you from the START (not subscribed but i was listening everyday to you before i create this accont ) and you made a huge progress in a smart amount of time ^^

  5. Hello tyler, i am listen u since beggin and u are amazing, i just love ur songs, i have a big desire from you, can u make cover of Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight i belive i will love it and everyone will thank you please.

    regards thumps up for he can see it please guys!

  6. musik4410 says:

    hey guys
    could you check out an amazing cover of this song?
    it sounds great so you really should give them a shot ;)

  7. Cuggyable says:

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  8. spike rhthra says:

    Tyler! I hope you understand how much you guys inspire us young people to keep doing what we want to do! Thank you sooo much for all you guys do!!! :)

  9. No word of a lie, if you could marry someones music/voice, I would marry yours.

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