The Tron HISHE Rap

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12 Responses to “The Tron HISHE Rap”

  1. Mike Ryan says:

    whoops 11010010011100010101010011000101101011101001 is “ÒqTÅ®” 

  2. where my floppy disks at? lol aha

  3. cade110794 says:

    I love the song Kush too…….. but really?

  4. Fhalei says:

    The dancing is hilarious XD

  5. Etrigan252 says:

    I need this on iTUNES, THIS IS SOO AWESOME!

  6. David Eltz says:

    It’s funny because Flynn’s goal wasn’t to take out the MCP. He wanted to prove Dillinger stole his games.

  7. you should do this for tron legacy, where Flynn does that thing where he draws clu closer until he finally derezzes, but he does that as soon as he realizes clu betrayed him! it would be an awesome video!

  8. yes. i know what it means. nothing! its just Bit saying random things at the end! if you watch tron, he says yes/no a lot. its not code.

  9. T:TRON

  10. chiboi666 says:

    3:18 most awkward orgasm ever

  11. Has anyone translated the yeses and nos?

  12. Please do “Tron: Rap Legacy”

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