Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Adult Contemporary Version)

A version of 'Chicago', as shown on the album: 'The Avalanche' by Sufjan Stevens. Originally: Chicago (Adult Contemporary Easy Listening Version) Copyright Sufjan Stevens© No infringement intended

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8 Responses to “Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Adult Contemporary Version)”

  1. goodforwe says:

    the suf’s a genius 

  2. Josh More says:

    all things grow. all things know. . this song reminds me of driving around to concerts in my stupid little car packed with all my freinds. It was for freedom.. love it. thanks sufjan…

  3. helenatorr says:

    The ending of this sounds like the beginning to Joseph Arthur – Honey and the Moon. That is a very good listen after this song, might I add.

  4. Shanita Lyn says:

    you have a very interesting username.
    but anyway, knicker-swapping aside, i’m only just getting acquainted with sufjan stevens’ music, so i haven’t heard the original version of this, but what i HAVE heard is absolutely wonderful. looks like he just gained a fan! =D

  5. TheYvonne95 says:

    I made a lot of mistakes, in my mind, in my mind. D.S., I love you.

  6. İ love the acuistic version the most

  7. IgnisWander says:

    what an amazing feeling this song gives. I feel refreshed

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