Smooth Jazz – Sensual saxo and relaxing piano music

Música sensual y relajante del gran saxofonista David Sanborn & Group, que interpretan la balada "Try a Little Tenderness" (de su álbum: "Pearls"), en un vídeo de estilo romántico…

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18 Responses to “Smooth Jazz – Sensual saxo and relaxing piano music”

  1. MinayaSun says:

    Sensual relaxing music, by great saxophonist David Sanborn (alto sax) & Group, who play the song ” Try A Little Tenderness” (Otis Redding’s original ballad). From his album “Pearls”.

    -Thanks for commenting-

  2. Finally in the more MATURE and ADULT version of Youtube. I’ve been dealing with immature Anime kids for days.

  3. very nice….. so sexy track….. love!!

  4. jewelseleven says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. mononitoto says:

    Fuck, i felt in love.

  6. Diana Rivas says:

    ula laque buena musica esta, me encanto esta pieza, es ta sensual is beautiful

  7. someone tell me the title of the song that starts at minute 23:39 of this video?
    here is the link of the video, skip to minute 23:39 to hear the song.

  8. simplemente perfecto, romantico y emotivo

  9. MrMetaljuan says:

    Escuchar esta melodia y que este lloviendo :)

  10. lindo de ir as lagrimas

  11. joymos10 says:

    Got the shabby dress!…..still waiting for the little tenderness!………I’ll keep playing this untill I get some!……………………great music!

  12. Glen Cauthon says:

    I just want a great sunset when it is my time.

  13. 1) Abre otra pestaña
    2) Entra a youtube
    3) “The sound of the rain w/o music”
    4) Bienvenido de vuelta a los 60′s :D

  14. Qodovah says:

    rainymood(dot)com enjoy!

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