Where did you sleep last night – Nirvana

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10 Responses to “Where did you sleep last night – Nirvana”

  1. xEcstaCx says:

    Beatles are shit? Your face is shit you twat. Even Kurt Cobain loved the Beatles. Who are you to talk shit about the Beatles?

  2. 388bobek says:

    I don’t give a fuck who did Kurt Cobain like, he even liked fuckin gays and I don’t like them, I don’t give a fuck about who are the musicians or what are they doing I just listen to their music if I like it. And who are you motherfucker to talk shit about me? Beatles were the same as everybody else they just made shitty music. People like you make me laugh, u think that musicians are some kind of fuckin gods or something and the truth is they are normal people you fucking cunt.

  3. I don’t mean to be a Nazi, but your grammar is horrible. Why do you hate gays? Sounds like you have some strong, suppressed emotions, or maybe you were just raised in some eastern European nation that doesn’t like homosexuality for no reason. Your comments are just straight up wrong. Are you saying that the members of The Beatles are composed of the same organic, decaying matter as the rest of humanity? I don’t gainsay that. Nobody did.

    tl;dr you are dumb.

  4. YoghurtMums says:

    Homosexuality exists in 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which seems unnatural now ?

  5. 388bobek says:

    If your beloved fucking up the ass would be so natural then you would be able to make babies like that. Animals also fuck other species so maybe you start fucking dogs too and call it normal, and think of a new word like zoophobia or something? Evolution made us better than animals but now you want to be at the same level as the lower species… fucking sick bastards. People start getting dumber and dumber each day… In 100 years your children gonna bark and fuck everything that moves…

  6. YoghurtMums says:

    I feel sorry for you. You can’t accept love ? That’s just sad. “I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists and racists in our audience. I know they’re out there and it really bothers me” Kurt wants to get rid of you, so please go now.

  7. 388bobek says:

    fuck u u little twat I don’t care what this son of a bitch said if I want to listen to his music then I will! You don’t have to feel sorry for me cuz I’m not fuckin sad… Lol he wanted to get rid of homophobes sexists and racists but all he did was getting rid of himself… xD And I won’t accept love if it involves fuckin another man or fucking animals… Shit people like you make this world worse, soon you will fucking tolerate peadophiles cuz it’s just a different way of love…

  8. YoghurtMums says:

    I feel sorry for you becuse are so narrow minded. He didn’t want to get rid of himself. He wanted to get away from people like you. People like you are making the world unhappy, the fact that you can’t see it youself is very disturbing. Pedophilia is not love, it’s a medical diagnose. It makes me sad that people like you exist. Everything you’re saying is so so so wrong. You don’t deserve Kurt,Dave and Krist’s music. I’m pretty sure they would dislike you.

  9. 388bobek says:

    OMG homosexuality was a mental illness some time ago, and scientists didn’t erase it from mental illness books because they found out gays are normal but they did it because there were lots of protests and some of the scientists were gays themselves. About half of the people who decided that homosexuality isn’t a mental illness now are saying that peadophilia isn’t mental illness aswell… People like me make people like you unhappy, and people like you make people like me fucking mad.

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