Sean Murphy – I Believe (Official Music Video)

Music video by Sean Murphy performing I Believe ©2012 Sean Murphy Music Inc / DreamRoc'a Productions Inc. DOWNLOAD "I BELIEVE" on iTUNES: SONG: Produced by: DreamRoc'a Written by: Sean Murphy VIDEO: Video Director: Farzad Bayat Cinematography: Ryan Kunkleman Video Producer: Jahmel A. Holden Colorist: Kurt Nishimura Support Team: Moonlight Entertainment SPONSOR: PVNCH & CO. LONDON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram SeanMurphyMusic CONTACT: Actors: Q. Miles Michele Pires Sean Murphy – I Believe LYRICS [VERSE] Fallin' heroes are my friends Learn to fight till the very end Find new life underneath the soul Learn to believe those never known Pilots flying in the sky Clouds leave tears when humans cry Some may dance while others sing In the end we're all the same [CHORUS] I Believe, I Believe, I Believe Jump into the wind and come fly with me tonight I Believe, I Believe, I Believe No one is a stranger if you see them in the light It's a simple little dream but it means a lot to me Feather feather, birds we all flock together There's a melody we find, perfect rhythm in our mind You're not alone [VERSE] We can never let the love come down Scattered into pieces, walking around and round' Take a ride, come with me, bring a friend, maybe three Because you know i gotta see All the promises we never kept We love to be the perfect match As time burns roses, we make dreams I saw darkness slip <b>…</b>

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11 Responses to “Sean Murphy – I Believe (Official Music Video)”

  1. Lotus Fuzz says:

    How’d you make this bro? I think it took you alot to do this video, & i appreciate it. Thank you 4 uploading.!!
    Your an insparation

  2. wow, this video is really good. all of your videos are very impressive and inspiring. this vid is especcialy good!

  3. This video is just amazing ! I love it and you must make more.

  4. RIZlNGUP says:

    This is just so amazing! Really like it! Subscribed ofc

  5. VFVChannel says:

    Great video I seriously enjoyed it, keep it up. I definitely learned something from this. You’ve even earned a subscriber ;)

  6. IHitShit says:

    heard this song from somewhere

  7. PRANKST3RZ says:

    great song i like to listen to this song whenver i am working out at home or something or while at work thanks

  8. dRezolution says:

    Good music video imo, nice lyrics and gives us an image in our heads all the time :D

  9. Good job I really liked this video because youre a really good guitar player and youre all so a good singer and the screen looks cool good job :) .

  10. Damn, this song. What a great song. I really enjoyed listening to it.

    The video was also greatly sync’d up! :D

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