Sade – Smooth Operator (Jazz version)

Sade performs her classic hit from the 80's Smooth Operator (Jazz version. From myprivate collection. Enjoy… (circa: 1994) All TV promos, news clips, airchecks, music related performances etc. remain the sole property of their respective copyright holders. No video clips are for sale, nor do they imply challenge to ownerships. They are intended strictly for entertainment, educational, and historical purposes, and fall under the "Fair Use" guideline.

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11 Responses to “Sade – Smooth Operator (Jazz version)”

  1. silver5790 says:

    Fantastic song of pure quality.My sister always says i am a smooth operator.What a fantastic sister she is to me.

  2. silver5790 says:

    Met sade a long time ago in London.Pure elegants in a woman of quality and class.

  3. No she wasn’t she was a complete bitch whoi was so far up herself she could barely do a single gig without throwing a tantrum at some poor underserving soul. That’s why her career crashed – nobody but nobody wanted to work with her.

  4. silver5790 says:

    Sure that is why she still sings today.I have seen her many times in concerts including London clubs etc.By the way the 1969 moon landing is a hoax.Tell that to your trolls on here.

  5. pt1qard says:

    Waddington’s Incest - a game for all the family, eh?

  6. youre a proper retard.

  7. tokyonard says:

    one of their best acts , more danceable and more emotional than original one recorded.

  8. Tell NASA man never landed on the moon it’s a proven hoax

  9. James Norris says:

    I wonder why they chose to speed up the tempo so much. It’s almost twice as fast. No big deal though because they outperform any other act I’ve ever seen.

  10. the amount of shit i read on youtube makes me gag. retard

  11. Who is the dude playing sax?

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