How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3

Music Video: How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3

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Source: How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3 (Youtube).

How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3 Photo

How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3

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17 Responses to “How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3”

  1. AnDrE43365 says:

    lol 3:34 his Du-rag ripped

  2. New Hip Hop from Houston…. High Quality Video Production… Very Motivational..Just type in … Stacks 300

  3. H4z3xxFTW says:

    For a sec i thought that was eminem

  4. jay2coolfau says:

    He got signed to Def. Jam! Good Luck man!

  5. SunkenDPr0 says:

    he got signed to def jam cuz of chunk dirty and now look at him LOL

  6. Like if you think it’s funny when Asians try to be black

  7. KRUCIFYER says:

    Lol this fuckin’ whiteboy man….

  8. murderah11 says:

    Cool video Check out my videos on my channel rate comment subscribe share and enjoy!

  9. OfficialBSJE says:

    i hate the new youtube layout thing

  10. that how a bitch dresses

  11. Cinemanerd14 says:

    I pray to waka flocka every night

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