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17 Responses to “THE RAP BATTLE 2 [PARODY]”

  1. almas09 says:

    But am not a rapper.

  2. I spit that joint boy

  3. 2:01 look at that disrespect
    so disrespectful

  4. OfficialJWZ says:

    Gum – I Chew Dat
    Mute Spittah – I Mute That
    This Blunt – I Blow Dat

  5. But he’s not a rapper

  6. president of Africa hahaha lool

  7. MoneyKidTv says:

    I do simi spoofs… YouTube:@Moneykidtv

  8. the ad before this video ”i skip that” !!!!!!

  9. jalen12dj says:

    This fucking rap battles don’t make anyee fucking sense

  10. ashlynn rose says:

    The end of the video remind me of the making the band episode on dave chappelle

  11. hot fire..DONT FORGETT THE SUPAH!!!

  12. Khanh Tran says:

    you see that comment…. ” I like that”!!!!

  13. chauncey9ch says:

    1:55 funniest part of the video XD

  14. 3:18 so black people must be monkeys if they can climb a fence that fast

  15. no its good morning tea in Canada -_-
    hell yea its funny

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