Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You (Official Music Video)

Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don't Deserve You (Official Music Video)

Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Download on Beatport: Follow us: Lighting the souls of those who seek musical bliss has ever been the mission of German DJ/producer Paul van Dyk. And so he does, through another stunning piece of his 'Evolution' album. Featuring the warming voice of Plumb, he presents 'I Don't Deserve You'. With a relentless drive and passion for EDM, Paul van Dyk withstands the test of time, time and again. His latest longplayer, 'Evolution', has been 5 years in the waiting and 10 months in the making, but is nothing short of timeless anthems. One of them, is the up-beat ballad of 'I Don't Deserve You'. On this touching, piano-drive tune, Paul invited the vocal talent of US singer Tiffany Lee, better known as Plumb. Its striking lyrics, tender vocals and warm strings make this a real keeper. With Paul being a great proponent of diversity, it's no surprise that the package of 'I Don't Deserve You' brings no less than 5 different remixing, highlighting some of the biggest producer talents in EDM. For the trancy addicts out there, there's the remix of VANDIT protégée Giuseppe Ottaviani, while the Jerome Isma-Ae remix suits those into his proggy deep sound. Maor Levi & Bluestone power things up with a big-room translation of 'I Don't Deserve You', while the Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult remix walks the fine line of house and electro. The Seven Lions remix completes this pack <b>…</b>

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15 Responses to “Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You (Official Music Video)”

  1. Whinger St says:

    about the say dat lol, 2:17 smile on his face!

  2. marci44 says:

    was ein schwaches video -.-

  3. simox81 says:

    lol I thought the same thing at first but turned out he is not, it just seems like he was having hard time carrying the girl lol

  4. graeme011 says:

    I don’t deserve such a great song as this.

  5. danielo280 says:

    The officer with the gun… looks like Avicii, and he wants to kill PvD D:

  6. Anaboliceli says:

    I like your perspective on it, but I was wondering why at the end when she finally dies.. why does Paul look at her with a sad look. Like he failed to keep her alive? It seemed like they were having a moment and that is why the sheriff told the deputy to lower his gun temporarily.

    If he was the bad guy why did that part happen? You might be right but that part does seem to make me think there might be another story here.

  7. soulthrall says:

    Her voice is amazing! Gorgeous.

  8. frant45 says:




  9. It was more likely comparison to Bonny and Clyde.
    And btw user chocolaterain has fuckin’ right!

  10. iorhld says:

    Exactly what i was thinking!!!
    Definitely i have done something good in my past life!!!

  11. Ruddy Robin says:

    I think that how we see videos depends on our inner perception. As a disciple of Yahushua he shows me things one of which is that He, as the true good Shepherd, can look like the bad guy when He is chasing you. I think that Plumb designed the video to be fairly open, which facilitates different perceptions but She also is a True Christian. They seemed to leave it somewhat open to interpretation.

  12. PLUMB ? amazing, Paul van dyk ? AMAZING !! song ? AMAZING !! OMG

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