OfficialDenzil Covers – Requiem For a Dream – HipHop Metal [Cover]

This is rather an old recording of me. The mix is made by DjSolution (Corne). Who's a great friend of mine. He made a hiphop/rap mix of Requiem For a Dream. Or actually "Lux Aeturna". And I've written tabs next to it. They are very simple, so I won't include tabs by this cover, since it's play able by looking at it. Since it is a constant repeat. Oh, btw I didn't had any tabs written for the ending, so that was total improv!

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7 Responses to “OfficialDenzil Covers – Requiem For a Dream – HipHop Metal [Cover]”

  1. bandjaming says:

    Awesome keep up the good work
    liked m/

  2. I will, thank you. Actually, there are a few covers upcomming

  3. amazing how you do that !

  4. top right guitar is really bad

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