Nirvana – The In Utero Concert 1993 – Full Length Film

Yes, Addicted to Heroin, He did it, get over it…One of The LAST Concerts of Meaning Before the Drugs took complete control over his life. enjoy … – April 9th 2012 This Waring Brown From Maustrum Productions. I did not intend to pissoff or disrespect anyone out there with the "description". I have lost many Friends to Heroin in the 70's and 80's both to addiction AND death growing up in SoCal. Most denied doing it….Thats Why. I AM NOT A TROLL..If its wrong to point how drugs destroy lives, then yes i am a dick. Dont be so weak you cant face the truth about how life really is on drugs…If you dont point out the problem, there will NEVER be a SOLUTION !! Think about that one. Im not being negative, Im trying to reach those who think THEY'RE in control of their addictions with Kurt's Music…I AM ANTI-DRUGS PERIOD END OF SUBJECT. I will not respond again to this subject, I have explained my position so Go Kick Rocks..

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11 Responses to “Nirvana – The In Utero Concert 1993 – Full Length Film”

  1. I would just say he was just a confused individual that yes probably was depressed, but I’m pretty he’s childhood had something to do with it. I mean since when hisp parents divorced he never really had a steady home to live in, but yeah..

  2. Seriuosly people isn it hypnotizing when you see Krist playing bass? I swear. And that’s why I my self have a bass guitar because of that guy right there jumping every where and being one with the bass. He really does love playing the bass.

    True bassist right there^

  3. he was manic depressed and couldnt handle stardom. Their where more people suicidal in his family by the way.

  4. I used to believe Kurt was murdered myself… then I turned 14.

  5. Are we arguing about him being addicted to heroin? I’m pretty sure that’s established. What isn’t established, by any means, is that he killed himself. I trust my nose on this one: the whole thing stinks.

  6. Nice one!! :-)  Me like!

  7. It has a virus guarantee! 

  8. 41nhs says:

    one of the best fucking endings we’ll ever see at any rock show. period.

  9. matthaycroft says:

    Will this be part of the In Utero re-issue next year?

  10. is this the unicorn concert?

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