Nirvana – Where did you sleep last night – Unplugged in new york

nirvana where did you sleep last night unplugged in new york

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12 Responses to “Nirvana – Where did you sleep last night – Unplugged in new york”

  1. nirvanaispus says:

    You really are a cow pie brain filled with lard. I’ll give you 10 million guesses as to where you can find a link to only 58 of my songs and snippets out of 159. But you obviously don’t compose your own music and therefore you have 0 ground to stand on. Hair metal? Oh but wait, it survived through the gunge crap, of which is rightly and justly dead, and is now more popular than it ever was. Some of the music I listen to, your teeny bopper (in which case Nirvana were not meant for you, they were

  2. nirvanaispus says:

    meant for the 20 + year olds) yodeling birdsong laughable moo chew can’t possibly fathom or comprehend. I certainly do not want a darling little maggot that you are as a fan and you know what? Neither did Kurt. Really? Nirvana changed people? How would you know? You were not even born. Nice try. But then again, that’s a media thought. Its not yours. Nice to know you allow the media to do the thinking for you. Good job.
    Go toast yourself with a rubber ducky.
    I’m so glad I made your day better.

  3. Zero0000V11 says:

    STFU teen troll go get a dick and suck it
    you fckin suck!

  4. Zero0000V11 says:

    i think he’s only a teenage troler whit o life and a desire to piss of somebody

  5. god took kurt away because he thought kurt would steal god’s fame and everyone would start worshiping kurt instead of god! :) i worship you though! :)

  6. Stop feeding the troll… He’s been trolling Nirvana vids since he made that account.

  7. 90Zodiac says:

    nirvana my favorite performer. Our favorite performer? isn’t it ?

  8. Good One! Hey I was around 15 when Kurt blew his brains out and I must say LMFAO!!!

  9. Well dumb ass he was a 90s junkie and that’s a fact I said a washed up 90s junkie!

  10. Good Call your right!

  11. so much emotion in his voice, he’s a legend

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