Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World

Music video by Nirvana performing The Man Who Sold The World. (C) 1994 Geffen Records

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18 Responses to “Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World”

  1. PennyLejn says:

    No, but the fact that I didn’t know him personally doesn’t mean I don’t know some basic stuff about him. You can always read his journals or biography ‘Heavier than Heaven’ to find out what he was really like. And if you don’t like reading, you can watch ‘Kurt Cobain: About a Son’.

  2. nirvanaispus says:

    Ah yes, you lost the “real” conversation because we both know you can not refute a damn word. So you try for the legacy bit which is such a teeny bopper ploy, in which case Nirvana were not meant for you, they were meant for the 20 + year olds. Did it ever dawn on you that Kurt didn’t want to leave a legacy as you worship and idolize him, and don’t you dare deny it, the very last thing he wanted? Btw I do not want to leave a legacy of any kind. I am perfectly happy with the way things are.

  3. nirvanaispus says:

    Yeah right, like Kurt and myself really wanted a teeny bopper like you to slobber down my / Kurt’s left sleeve? Guess again. Regardless, Here’s some prime examples of Nirvana’s influence, whom they inspire and their divine and true legacy… /watch?v=huG_n-9i8as — /watch?v=f8jg5pjvwjw — /watch?v=WwlsPOnxzfk — /watch?v=ijLZxCEbFLI — /watch?v=sg4wdkj56AA etc Nirvana didn’t care so why should they or anyone else?
    Become a jesus jujitsu nazi belly dancer.
    I’m so glad I made your day better.

  4. TheUbernoob8 says:

    their is no “age rating” for people to listen to nirvana please stop. you say all these bad thing about nirvana yet you have no evidence

  5. nirvanaispus says:

    There was an age rating for Nirvana done by their record company which was for the 20+ year olds. A broke record company is going to market / target / mean their grunge bands to be for the 70+ year olds? Um nope. Regardless all record companies that do any type of advertising target / market / mean their music to be for either or, or both a certain demographic or age. They can’t advertise to everybody so they pick and choose. No evidence really? Name a topic and I will happily post you some info

  6. I wish they will tour with simple plan

  7. themrhevor says:

    The song is made by David Bowie, this is a cover…

  8. Nor Voom says:

    they are Justin biener fans, they have no ear for music… all they can do is open there mouth and spute out ugly thoughts… Nirvana is for anyone who enjoys good music. it is that simple!

  9. Kurt Still’s Alive

  10. malache666 says:

    Yeah, I’ll admit that I’m here because of the latest Fringe episode, but it did make me want to listen to the Nirvana version again :D

  11. drummerBMTH says:

    He had no confidence and hated being famous. Of course he wanted to get this over with as fast as possible. Although he was cracking jokes. He probably hated hearing their music because he thought it was horrible. He didn’t realize how great they actually were.

  12. nirvanaispus says:

    Those who are great most often do not believe they are great unless you are a stuck up snob like Peyton Manning. Regardless, Nirvana were not great by any means as they completely lacked anything and everything that has to do with music.

  13. Spenthrift says:

    Calling all NIRVANA fans!!!! We are Spenthrift and we are trying to revive the alternative/rock scene in Canada and eventually around the world. We are sick of 80% of the garbage on the radio! So come on out and show us what you’re about! The alternative/rock Revolution is beginning! Watch some of our videos and subscribe to our channel. :)

  14. themrhevor says:

    What’s your problem man? I’m here to listening to and speaking about this song, not to write Wikipedia biography comments like you. Who said: “dude made great music..” in a cover

  15. ghkdtjdguq1 says:

    …Nirvana were not great by any means as they completely lacked anything and everything that has to do with music…why do we think musician as a comany? it’s not an easy thing to say that.

  16. TheUbernoob8 says:

    yeah, i don’t now why i am argueing about it anyway he/she i obviously a beliber

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