Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box live

best concert theyve ever had lol

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9 Responses to “Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box live”

  1. They are simply a band that did what they felt like doing. Same goes with the crowd – the crowd does what they feel like doing. You can’t restrict fun. Everyone is there to have a good time, if you want just to listen listen to it on your media player at home. Concert is for having a great time and i have still crowds. It’s not a play of hamlet it’s nirvana.

  2. cuz pat got into the band too late… if kurt was still alive and nirvana is still on the buisness, maybe he could be considered after 1 more CD

  3. DanSvensson says:

    @4:27 hurt much dave? :P 

  4. RAMalsch says:

    why!! did he have to die :*(

  5. anUHkins says:

    I am pretty sure Pat Smear only toured with them not recorded in the studio? besides, thanks to his time with Nirvana he later got together with Grohl and the Foo Fighters. I am pretty sure he is happy with all the traveling, great music, and money he has earned in all these years.

  6. SageModeisOn says:

    R.I.P truly a legend.

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