Nirvana-I hate Myself and Want To Die Lyrics

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18 Responses to “Nirvana-I hate Myself and Want To Die Lyrics”

  1. is this drop d tuning?

  2. merman08 says:

    I say we Boycott the Kurt Cobain movie he would not want that

  3. overall length of a shotgun is between 60 and 90 cm’s
    kurt kobain’s arm was 78cm long
    he shot himself
    in a locked room
    after writing a suicide note
    because he was depressed
    it’s not a conspiracy, no matter how much you want it to be

    and suicide is not a verb on its own, no-one ‘suicides’ they COMMIT suicide, jesus you’re illiterate too…

  4. when you are high on drugs, do you really think your able to put a shotgun next to you head or in you throat?
    oh yeah and sorry for not being american/british/australian/new zealand/anyothercountrythathasenglishastheirmainlanguage!


  5. yeah
    you are
    very easily
    many MANY people have done it before
    are you retarded? no really. are you? like, this conversation is so asinine it’s giving me an aneurysm, self inflicted shotgun wound to the head was a, by rights, rather common method of suicide, most shotguns are between 36 and 52 cm’s long, most hunting shotguns are about 50-60, from a sitting position, kurt VERY EASILY could’ve shot himself.

    why? who do u think shot him, huh? who the fuck shot kurt cobain, genius?

  6. if you think im so retarded to start this conversation, why are you continueing it then?
    yes yes ok you got the facts, i guess….
    and you info, wikipedia…?? well?

  7. Go ahead, find the article on wikipedia that tells you how long Kurt Cobain’s arm is. Please, it’d make my day, it really would.

    You can’t prove otherwise, you’re just stating an opposite opinion for the sake of being different

  8. you know just as much as any one else. you people and your conspiracy theorys. your looking for answers when there are no answers. weather you like it or not even his close band members agree that he killed him self. need proof let me know there are plenty of interviews. courtney love had money and she loved kurt why on earth would she kill kurt. you know just as much as any one else. belive what you want. just like people who dont belive that the holcaust happend.

  9. also do you really belive that an addict and crazy woman like courney is smart enough to kill some one and get away with it? especiialy her husband. you just dont want to belive any thing else

  10. your rite ppl r idiots!—>(not me)

  11. still continueing……..
    you know that wikipedia is not always right, righT?
    its set up by guys who are not always speaking the truth, so….
    anyway i dont care much end of discussion …-.-

  12. ARideWeNeed says:

    he was depressed since he was around 7 or 8 years old. He talked openly about wanting to kill himself even before being famous, so we can conclude it was suicide. I know it’s hard to believe because he made such beautiful music but whatever, he was and still is amazing. No matter how he died I still love love him and it doesn’t take away from his genius.

  13. …..jesus fucking christ….i was implying that no, i did NOT use wikipedia, and challenging you to FIND the wiki article that you’re suggesting i used…fucking hell

  14. “I’m disabling comments because I am a FUCKING PUSSY! I’ll pat myself on the back!”

  15. JCBCr0ck says:

    wow dude chill out…

  16. JCBCr0ck says:

    ya that is obviousley what he ment when he said “fighting” dumbfuck… cuz you are obviousley not fighting anyone… just chill out dude seriously i think ur just desperate for attention and u think ur all badass and better than everybody in this conversation because you think you know more about than us but we really dont care if u do.

  17. Kurono Kei says:

    Thanks for the lengthy laugh, shit for brains. Knowing more than you means I’m SMARTER. In some people’s book, that is better. So fuck yourself.

  18. you still dont get in now do ya?
    its fun for me to annoy you because you are going crazy and trying to proof an unsolved mystery. yes we will never know what happened, yes most likely its suicide.
    but let people believe what they want and dont go bitch on it or ull get this kinds of stupid offtopic conversations.
    greetings, sir.

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