Nirvana – About a Girl

From Nirvana's Bleach album

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18 Responses to “Nirvana – About a Girl”

  1. What the fuck is with all the Spanish? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad people of all cultures can get into Nirvana, but what’s up with all of this?

  2. djvreturnsxD says:

    si venis de ahi tenes cancer en el cerebro, pagina de mierda, encima de cagar el concepto de meme y rage comic, se llena de nenes, y cagan hasta la musica, me da ganas de mandar a todos los pendejitos de 10 años de esa pagina a un campo de concentracion y matarlos a todos, no los tienen que dejar usar el internet

  3. djvreturnsxD says:

    some 10 yo kids coming from a shitty page for retarded people, saying they came because of that page

  4. Davor Pavić says:

    Tako je Dejo reci im :D

  5. Anon6655321 says:

    Translation: I come because I like Nirvana, not a crappy page

  6. Manuu Muñoz says:

    jodete gran cabron sbra de buena musica tu puta madre puto come pollas

  7. 08Cheeseits says:

    Who cares about the goddamn spanish comments

  8. 420topramen says:

    fuck the comments. MUSIC, NIRVANA

  9. always listen to this song in my car

  10. Marq Espon says:

    Did a cover, it’s on my channel. Smoke opium and listen to it. 

  11. They probably just discovered this song. Mexico, Brazil, etc. They are all about 15 years behind on culture and technology.

  12. you’ve really got nothing smart to say.

  13. 08Cheeseits says:

    lol 15 years? That’s kinda exaggerating. I live in Mexico and we’re behind only by like 2 years in technology.

  14. Maar Tiina says:

    que bueno tema xD

  15. what’s wrong with them? (:

  16. 08Cheeseits says:

    Nothing. That’s what i’m saying. -_-

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