Nirvana – About A Girl (MTV Unplugged)

Music video by Nirvana performing About A Girl. (C) 1994 Geffen Records

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18 Responses to “Nirvana – About A Girl (MTV Unplugged)”

  1. IFJC says:

    Kurt Cobain was the symbol of the grunge!!!

  2. Josh Bailey says:

    Krist at 00:48 lol


  4. Ultorax says:

    Can’t you just go suck your dad’s dick or somthing like that?

  5. Joey Cobain says:

    your icon gives your trolling away ahhaha

  6. hailey mapa says:

    turtle neck and pony tail does not look right on dave

  7. First song I learned to play on the guitar and sing simultaneously. Real confidence boost when you are learning, getting those bar chords at 1:05 to sound right, and a really cool song to do it with.

  8. Красавчегг!

  9. Marcello R. says:

    and still will be :)

  10. MrTrublu76 says:

    neil young was around way b4 kurt, jus sayin

  11. Mike Bienkov says:

    Hmmm, there is no top comment like this, so :

    366 people listen to bieber ! :)

  12. STOP SPREADING BIEBER. His haters spread his name around more than his fans.

  13. TheNachoOne says:

    Kurt Cobain IS the symbol of grunge

  14. Jordan Kuh says:

    Hey if you like Nirvana then you should checkout my song on my channel. The song is called When Tomorrow Comes.

    I’m an aspiring songwriter and hope you enjoy the song!! Thanks for listening :)

  15. LMFAO Kurt put a shotgun in his mouth and (Boom) brains sprayed the walls behind his head! That was smart of him because that made him able to keep his name alive because if he didn’t do that he would have been just another 90s washed up junkie so ya that was smart of you Kurt or not?

  16. Spenthrift says:

    Calling all NIRVANA fans!!!! We are Spenthrift and we are trying to revive the alternative/rock scene in Canada and eventually around the world. We are sick of 80% of the garbage on the radio! So come on out and show us what you’re about! The alternative/rock Revolution is beginning! Watch some of our videos and subscribe to our channel. :)

  17. northpole551 says:

    I hate when people hate on Kurt conbain. He was a musical genius and you should try to understand him through his music.

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