Nirvana – Drain You

Niravan slideshow with the song Drain You…the only way you can find this song is when they sing it live, but this is the CD version….so yeah, I hope whoever watches this thinks its ok[comment and ratings are always welcomed(hint hint)]

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10 Responses to “Nirvana – Drain You”

  1. Jay Lyons says:

    I love this song

  2. declan2297 says:

    nickelback is so bad, im net even sure if ur kidding or not, because nobody actually likes them that much

  3. Jazz Min says:

    Fucking awesome !

  4. ghkdtjdguq1 says:

    It’s the one of the BEST SONG IN THE NEVERMIND.

  5. metapsallo says:

    Astralized music!One reason for addiction,and probably the only one…SIN…Or it’s ok to swear?

  6. metapsallo says:

    Astral spam,will be completed soon idionas!Four doors,four winds=Angels on patrol!

  7. Nickelback are the Lil Wayne of rock.

  8. what was the end song

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