Nirvana – Come As You Are.

Live at Castle Theatre, Roma, Italy, 1991-11-19.

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16 Responses to “Nirvana – Come As You Are.”

  1. SophosHD says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say: Go fuck yourself.

  2. Daruka87 says:

    Wee have plently of good bands, it’s just they are not famous in most cases today.

  3. WillyDaVieh says:

    haha bist du cool. schlampe. hoffentlich verpisst ihr euch alle ganz schnell!

  4. kugel96 says:

    was wilscht hurensohn ?

  5. manb4arpig says:

    god kurt y… such a legend..y :[[[[[[[

  6. Sean Steven says:

    and fuck he have a gun

  7. i was trlling… But this is my favorete band ever… I love them and i know all about kurt.

  8. AdamGriff4 says:

    I wish these guys would go on tour again

  9. Dmeycepet says:

    Very like nirvana

  10. @adamgriff4 the nirvana singer guy is dead

  11. he was the best singer in history <3 he is always in our hearts!

  12. Deliverance says:

    Great post with lots of imnrtoapt stuff.

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