Nirvana – All Apologies (MTV Unplugged)

Music video by Nirvana performing All Apologies. (C) 1993 Geffen Records

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15 Responses to “Nirvana – All Apologies (MTV Unplugged)”

  1. If you don’t like Nirvana, leave this video and quit bashing on Nirvana fans. Go listen to the music YOU actually like and leave us Nirvana fans alone.

  2. Spenthrift says:

    Calling all NIRVANA fans!!!! We are Spenthrift and we are trying to revive the alternative/rock scene in Canada and eventually around the world. We are sick of 80% of the garbage on the radio! So come on out and show us what you’re about! The alternative/rock Revolution is beginning! Watch some of our videos and subscribe to our channel. :)

  3. Well I’m smart enough to know that “stupidest” isn’t a word. I guess you’re not though, huh?

  4. It may sound strange but I always thought of the line… “In the sun, in the sun”…etc… as…”In the Son, in the Son… Married… Buried”… as a religious metaphor packaged as cryptic poetry, left to a fans own interpretation… Kurt did after all reference Jesus ALL the time in the last couple years of his life. Whether it was through covering Leadbelly, The Vaselines or through the overtly Christian song, Lake of Fire. … If you catch my driftwood… 

  5. ian jones says:

    i dont know when you were born but stupidest is now a word. as long as everyone understands it.

  6. No, it’s not.

    But you are a Nirvana fan, so it’s an oversight on my part to expect unreasonable standards from personnel that listen to musical garbage in the first place. Your “alternative Jesus” Kurt Cobain dropped out of high school and was a literary failure too.

  7. Ashyblubear says:

    When Kurt sings “eveyone is gay” He just means you, Jerk!!!

  8. allansouri says:

    You just insulted the meaning of that line -.- Kurt hates people like you , really.

  9. He dropped outta high school.and still made must be jealous.cuz ur still at home wit your mommy and noone knos you exist.gett a grip

  10. Nope. I’m confident in my heterosexual preference. He means the insecure losers and drug-addled trash of society that he hung out with that acted as “bottoms” and whores to secure their drug stashes.

  11. blainetheman says:

    in my opinion kurts death was was the tail end of a large scale musical era

  12. Steve French says:

    First thing im going to do when i go back in time is get Kurt Cobain…and Jimi Hendrix…

  13. The day Kurt died, music died as well.

  14. ryan332007 says:

    Back when Music TeleVision still played/showed music

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