Nirvana – D-7 (Live at Reading 1992)

Music video by Nirvana performing D-7. (C) 2009 Geffen Records

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14 Responses to “Nirvana – D-7 (Live at Reading 1992)”

  1. Bastoon123 says:

    cocaine. and this explain for the mouth too

  2. Why do you react that way? thats just stupid. I was trying to help ya’see. if you can google that much, why not google even more? enough speculations out there.

  3. how can you go from somebody moving their mouth like that to the person has a mental illness. obviously he had problems mental problems.. but really? lol

  4. pahaahv says:

    Sorry if i hurt your feelings, but you didn’t help. I had googled already, but i didn’t manage to find anything but lyrics. So i thought i’d come here and find my answer not a redirection to google.

  5. lazrpo says:

    Yep, you can tell exactly what drugs he’s taken purely because he grits his teeth when he plays guitar.

  6. lazrpo says:

    Maybe you should stop being so hostile toward people who are trying to help you? Show some respect.

  7. pahaahv says:

    It’s like, you are going to a doctor and all he says is: “Uh, interesting, you know, uh you have disease. Uhm, go to another doctor.”

    He was just trying to help.. I have “disease”. No shit Sherlock.

  8. GOR225 says:

    the way a person moves their mouth doesn’t prove anything

  9. Hey man i do that thing with mouth i think sicne i was 16.I dont do that because i am depressed or mentaly sick person its because i have some fucking mussle i think that is in left side of my jaw and when i open my mouth a little bit it starts to make a noice and makes me hard to open my mouth its like it jumps form other side of bone to another haha its hard to explain but you get the point i gess.Its fucking anoying but when i saw Kurt doing the same thing i was happy.Sorry for my bad grammar

  10. Liveeruptsuj says:

    that jaw movement is the result of the speed he took to get up and ready for a show after a day of heroin. It’s a pretty standard reaction I’ve seen in many people.

  11. CircleofShit says:

    I grew up worshipping Nirvana and Cobain, I’m 28 now, and I’m still amazed he accomplished what he did up to the age of 27 when he died. He was 27 for fuck sake, really, really young. He looked in his 30′s. Makes me feel like a total failure as I have accomplished nothing in life and I’m a musician also.

  12. The quest for truth may leave you anti-social, but it’s far from so dull, so dull.
    Check out “The Present” – it’s at *TruthContest,com*

  13. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but I am almost entirely sure that is not the reason… People do that when they play guitar and there is a change in the guitar part. He did that when he played. Clapton does it too, theres a bunch that do it… Hendrix sometimes did.

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