Megan and Liz: “Bad For Me” Official Music Video

Megan and Liz: "Bad For Me" Official Music Video

Performed at the Macy's 86th annual Thanksgiving Day Parade!!! Bad For Me is on iTunes now!!: You can get the Bad For Me music video on iTunes now!! We are SO excited to share the official music video for our song "Bad For Me" with you guys!! We had such a blast making this video and want to thank everyone who made it possible. We love you all so much and hope you love the video! Watch our "behind-the-scenes" videos for the "Bad For Me" video shoot here! iTUNES :) NEWSLETTER SIGN UP! :) BEAUTY CHANNEL! :) FACEBOOK! :) TWITTER! :) GOOGLE+ :) TUMBLR! :) http FORMSPRING! PINTEREST! :) WE LOVE YOU GUYS TO PLUTO AND BACK :) :)

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7 Responses to “Megan and Liz: “Bad For Me” Official Music Video”

  1. They have to lipsync that way the people watching it on tv can hear. Also because they want it to be good quality.

  2. I just heard this on the radio here in Las Vegas. I was so excited I was all ” That’s Megan and Liz” and my boyfriend looked at me like I’m crazy cuz I squealed it. Maybe cuz I’m 24 years old squealing about two amazing singers.

  3. AdamLewellyn says:

    Haha, 6th grade and 4th grade..? Really? hahaha

  4. gurl , you too young to date , lol . start dating when you’re older that 14 , not 9 or 10 . lol .

  5. loveee itt :D DD amazinn

  6. U12Ready says:

    This song is so catchy!♥ You both are AMAZING!!

    Subscribed! :)


    I’m a singer/songwriter and just put my first youtube video up!

    Make sure to check it out!! ;)

    Hope you guys like it! ♥

  7. saphiez11 says:

    “You make me feel so right,Even when its so wrong” I love this song!!

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