McDonald’s: The Rap

Music Video: McDonald’s: The Rap

McDonald's: The Rap

The best part of making this video was the fact I got to eat the props. Except the bottled water. I'm a Grimace cup kind of dude. Feel free to subscribe and/or check out the other videos! I'll go ahead and include the lyrics on here until I put them on the site. Sittin' on the couch with the morning post With a cold cup of coffee and some boring toast Thinkin' I'm-a change it up, yeah that's always fun What you reckon, Remz? A McDonald's run So we hit the couch cushions, need some dollars, friend Yo, I found a five. Man, that's Canadian. How 'bout a loonie? A twonie? A spoon or The Goonies? Oh, it's 10:25. Dude, you gotta move, G. Got the cash, got the car, got the pedal to the floor Speed limit's 25, but I'm doing 34 Going drive-thru style, man it's fast express You can call it trans fat, I call it happiness Roll up to the teller fella with a minute to spare Frenchy with a headset, "can I take your order?" A McGriddle with a little sweet and sour there, son A McMuffin, then be stuffin' muffins up in my trunk Then a tray or two of hotcakes, man I can't decide, uh… All's I know is hit them things with Aunt Jemimah How 'bout an egg fajita for some Texas flavor No drama but my momma wants a breakfast bagel Don't forget my #4, or there'll be hell to spend And I want them eggs poached like an elephant Frenchy back on the line, "is that all your order?" No it ain't, fool, I want a Coca-Cola! Get my cup of Coke and I'm-a start a riot Cuz on the cup lid, dude depressed the <b>…</b>

Source: McDonald’s: The Rap (Youtube).

McDonald’s: The Rap Photo

McDonald's: The Rap

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12 Responses to “McDonald’s: The Rap”

  1. Larry Manalo says:

    I still can’t believe that it’s been five years since this came out… this video is one of the first things I watched on Youtube!

  2. Hes awesome The last time I listened to.this song was 3yrs ago

  3. Johsino says:

    4 years ago i thought u are ray william johnson

  4. Lmao!! Peep my standup comedy

  5. remy look like hulk from avengers

  6. I wet to mcdonalds to buy a big mac I bit the burger it bit me back, I asked whats the deal and it was a happy meal

  7. goodrita says:

    “The only thing that hurts my heart is when they forget my toy” Said by many bronies around the world.
    (Don’t get butthurt about me mentioning bronies, I just wanna joke about myself, not start a flamewar.)

  8. no, see the reason the videos are funny is because the people arent/ werent actual rappers.

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