MattyB – That Girl Is Mine (Official Music Video – MattyBRaps)

BUY "THAT GIRL IS MINE" ON ITUNES NOW! Click 2 Tweet: Hi BBoys and BGirls! Thanks for watching the official music video to my original song, "That Girl Is Mine!" I really wanted to make this music video a lot of fun, so I decided to throw a huge party and invited a bunch of my friends out to help me make this video special for you guys! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! :) If you like this video and want to help support my music, don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE and SHARE this video with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! You can also support my music by downloading this song on iTunes! That's one of the most gnarly things you can do! Special thanks to all my new friends at Project Slide for letting me shoot in their radi-cool studio! They were REALLY nice! Check 'em out! http Also, a HUGE thanks to all my friends who helped make this video suh-weet! Love ya! Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Store Main Channel http Vlog Channel Twitter Facebook Instagram Lyrics The way she moves her feet Tell the other fellas that this girl is mine The way she groves to that beat All the girls are jealous that this girl is mine Now here's a story 'bout the way it went down See I was hearing 'bout the people talking way over town Said there's a place that you can visit but you <b>…</b>

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14 Responses to “MattyB – That Girl Is Mine (Official Music Video – MattyBRaps)”

  1. Lianais4ever says:

    it kinda looks like a remake of the baby video from justing bieber.

  2. nicolelz123 says:

    MattyBRaps is sooooo adorableeeeeee


  4. this song sounds like one from the 1980s?

  5. fredaraka says:

    OK fist u r like cutest boy ever btw I’m a girl so its OK so anyways in the beginning sounded like JB and of course u like her she’s the ONLY PRETTY GIRL IN THE ROOM

  6. evey girls loves u in the party

  7. SweetSun12 says:

    du bist einfach nur hübsch

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