Lounge Beats by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Jazz | HQ

Lounge Beats by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Jazz | HQ

Deep House & Jazz House Collection by DJ Paulo Arruda | August 2011 • Become a fan on Facebook: facebook.com • Booking: info@pauloarruda.com • Podcast/Downloads: pauloarruda.com

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7 Responses to “Lounge Beats by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Jazz | HQ”

  1. fcperini says:

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  2. check out my guitar profile im trying to play smooth

  3. Nuatio says:

    Angelina Jolie? Or that girl? Or both? ;3

  4. festeradamz says:

    first track id please

  5. jazzman2real says:

    beautiful face beautiful music a great combination 

  6. Jimmyricano says:

    Jazz ,the best adult music,,,too bad that jazz radio stations are either falling out or barely existing,,,support them!. As american as ,,,apple pie with ice cream on top,,,,

  7. Muy buen repertorio, felicidades de dj a dj

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