Laura Veirs – Galaxies (Video)

© 2006 WMG Galaxies (Video)

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7 Responses to “Laura Veirs – Galaxies (Video)”

  1. tnguyen206 says:

    laura veirs look kinda looks mormon without her glasses heh

  2. how many people came from hearing this on Startalk Podcast?

  3. if you press like itl change lol

  4. titusmoto says:

    Beautiful song. The lyrics are so visual, the video doe snot do justice.

  5. Lilwise01 says:

    This sing is soooo unique <3
    Its so relaxing and makes me think clearer

  6. those three dislikes must have been from people so filled with emotion they couldn’t see clearly.

  7. Mizery0101 says:

    You just had to say something didn’t you, you filthy swine.

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