Lake of Fire – Nirvana (Unplugged)(HD)

Lake of Fire – Nirvana

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14 Responses to “Lake of Fire – Nirvana (Unplugged)(HD)”

  1. Who cares, he’s tired.

  2. GREAT but this video is on a diferent audio channel. in the original sound u can’t hear the kurt vocal fail and the guitar solo sound is low down here. another pearl from nirvana

  3. jacquesy79 says:

    you just dont see performances like this anymore.real music.

  4. John McClane says:

    Just watched a vid where Dave’d let see how… uncomfortable he was in Nirvana, he said something like he never got a compliment in 4 years.

    Yeh I know, i was like “a compliment?!”, but HE needed an “attaboy” which he didn’t get no matter how good a gig was.

  5. watch a lot of other unpluggeds, its a common theme with the drummers, they are limited during this type of performance, especially dave because he played extremely loud

  6. the imperfection is what makes it perfect. i miss that voice.

  7. oplodoplo says:

    yes, but he could

  8. 0FFeDe0 says:

    I Know That Feel, Bro.

  9. RedCat1541 says:

    Fuck my life i was born 15years to late

  10. woodsie31498 says:

    he just doesn’t know what to do without the guitar

  11. Devin Andres says:

    Nirvana’s best live unplugged song ever…Even beats out the original meat puppets version!!

  12. It doesn’t matter, it actually sounds kinda nice

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