IT IS WHAT IT IS – C.KHiD ( music video | avail. on iTunes )

Hip Hop 2012 song lyrics: "It Is What It Is" – C.KHiD Directed By – Shawn Ouwinga Download C.KHiD on iTunes: hip hop 2012: IT IS WHAT IT IS – C.KHiD ( official video ) Return of your favorite Hip Hop music star C.KHiD. Here is one of the new Hip Hop songs" taken from coming rap album "Black Box Dreams 6". The single "It is what It Is" just delivers a powerful set of lyrics that talk about various topics, culture, and practices of today's US society. From simple things in Hip Hop 2012 street culture such as girls gelling the baby hairs & foods to political topics such as Mike Vick going to jail but Strauss-Kahn not, C.KHiD pushes topics to users that "Is What it It Is" but also asks "Isn't it" ? Focused on shooting new rap videos for the Hip Hop 2012 cycle, C.KHiD will be taking followers to destinations around Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV. Download this new Hip Hop song on iTunes for the new year along with the entire album "Black Box Dreams 6", as this is the last release by C.KHiD for a while. While New Hip Hop songs will be released here on Youtube as free downloads / mixtape music, C.KHiD is currently focusing on delievring hot new music videos for fans to enjoy. Behind the Scenes Pics: Big Thanks to following Hip Hop blogs for featuring C.KHiD, feel free to reblog this: All fans of the new C.KHiD songs, be sure to share on Facebook, Tumblr <b>…</b>

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17 Responses to “IT IS WHAT IT IS – C.KHiD ( music video | avail. on iTunes )”

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    me encanta este tema :D soy de argentina va q tenia q ver jaja XD

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  7. its about time somebody put a video like this out there…much love bro much love…I believe that some people cant handle the truth but preach on bro

  8. RAW SALTY says:

    Postive Vibes Good Stuff Man

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