Joshua Redman – Jazz Crimes (Live)

Joshua Redman Elastic Band – Jazz Crimes (Live) Joshua Redman – Tenor Saxophone Brian Blade – drums Sam Yahel – organ

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15 Responses to “Joshua Redman – Jazz Crimes (Live)”

  1. kyojingaijin says:

    where is the second half of this???

  2. gjbsaxman94 says:

    what year were they at reno???

  3. Song Fades….., FML :X

  4. He’s reaching Altissimo key range. The fingerings for these keys vary depending on if your saxophone has auxiliary keys built in (i.e the key above the Tenor B natural fingering). The difficult part is tone and sound, and just getting the notes to come out.

  5. No, no. It’s not too much swing. It’s just that your brains are too small. Not a problem. That’s why Kenny G exists, for filth like you.

  6. Kai Venus says:

    i came here from arthur…. season 4 episode 10 part 1… teehee

  7. Sam Yahel is a BEAST!

  8. love these badass harmonies. anyone knos whatabouts kids of chords/intervals the organist uses here?

  9. You probably didn’t dislike the video, then. And if you did, shame on you…

  10. rodcrippler says:

    Brian Blade is so loose, amazing drummer!!!

  11. I’m a giant eagleboy and eat pasta brains

  12. TheJazzPan says:

    Don’t really see the point in the verbal insult. I think you misunderstood my comment, i was actually saying the video was excellent (Brian Blade is a brilliant drumer, by the way). Yes, i like Joshua Redman’s music very much (no i don’t like Kenny G). So, please read carefully what other people say before start insulting. Regards.

  13. he sounded like a little kid playing at like 5:30

  14. and mean the sound coming from the saxophone like a high kid

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