Jazz trombones – Jubilee Stomp

Gunhilde and Gerd, two sisters from the remarkable Swedish Carling Family band, play a trombone duet with the usual driving accompaniment from other family members – particularly mum Aina. This clip taken from the 3 day Stockamollen Swing festival in Sweden in June 2007.(TCA47 has since told me the piece is called "Jubilee Stomp") Just enjoy!.

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16 Responses to “Jazz trombones – Jubilee Stomp”

  1. DjHemro67 says:

    trop de la bombe

  2. detfindes ikke meget bedre -fuck de 28!!

  3. upvote this post if you would marry the woman on the right

  4. sin palabras jajaja que perrisimo

  5. halo2party says:

    Gerd: definition
    gastroesophageal reflux disease

  6. butzbach1 says:

    right on baby…blow, blow blow!!!!!

  7. mis respetos genial ustedes 22

  8. Nice jobs ladies so nice to see some awesome talented women Trombone players!!!!

  9. I know right!! ALTERNATE POSITIONS!!

  10. Chito1ish says:

    Why arent there more women playing t bone man!? How hot is that right? Then playing like tthis…shhoooooot!

  11. Schöne Frauen und wüste Musik !!

  12. denzlepob says:

    They can slide my bone anytime!

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