Jazz Medley

Jazz Guitar lessons at www.MattOtten.com. Jazz Guitar explained in a way you can understand!! If I had known this would be watched more than million times, I would have cleaned up the mess behind me!!! Get video sound tracks in CD quality here http

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14 Responses to “Jazz Medley”

  1. Especially the strange ones.

  2. marnorthside says:

    hey matt if i may call you. i play the guitar also and you can look on my channel but i was thinkin if you dont mind could we have a collaboration.

  3. Good job – thumbs u! check out my cover of Summertime. The guitar was pretty simple as I’m mainly a vocalist. :)

  4. I can’t decide between clicking on the “learn to play jazz guitar” link and finishing watching the video.

  5. mariomuga says:

    Qué guitarra es esa?

  6. akanotengu says:

    融化了….TAT 超好聽~~~~~!!!

  7. ysj7756ysj says:

    연주들으니까 마음이 편안해지네요^_^

  8. bertjustpaul says:

    nice one, you should check another video too..just key in “strings and soul duo quando quando the final” these people from PHILIPPINES really are lucky to have such blessings.. i hope you enjoy watching them too.

  9. wibli says:

    music is my true friend and lover…

  10. MrSnotblock says:

    Just beautiful. Loved the way you “lost” the pick then brought it back again when needed towards the end! Just subscribed to your channel.

  11. anfiorsceal says:

    Ah yes, ” Days of wine and roses” a must for every Jazz player -wonder is that a DeArmond Pickup…

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