Jazz Compilation 2012

Nina Simone Louis Armstrong Nat King Cole Ella Fritzgerald Sara Vaughn Frank Sinatra Tony Bennet Dinah Washington Doris Day Etta James Gloria Lynne Carmen Mc Rae Louis Armstrong Della Reese Frank Sinatra

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16 Responses to “Jazz Compilation 2012”

  1. ikawpr1 says:

    ….very nice of you…TAKK…OBRIGADO,,THANK YOU!!

  2. curto bue jazz e gansa fumar pARA OUVIR DE

  3. Oleg Ahundov says:

    огромное спасибо! я стал сильнее, умнее, добрее

  4. ArRadic20 says:

    dobra je kompilacija…:)

  5. comihuwaLOL says:

    only 3 of them i know :| 

  6. Junting Lye says:

    Hi guys! I just uploaded a slow jazz piece. Would anybody be kind enough to give me a grading!? My first ever video!

  7. Jan Gnidovec says:

    I am pretty much of a rocker, but even tho i am, i do like jazz ;)

  8. Hermann Otto says:

    That is Nina Simone,not Billy Holiday. The song is: My Baby cares for me, look it up many entries. The Piano style is definitely Nina Simone. Billy could only sing

  9. Hermann Otto says:

    I am sorry I got it all wrong ,somebody asked for the first song, Nina Simone: My baby just cares for me. In the meantime a question for 19:58 popped up. I didn’t look at the time line. Sure that was Billy Holiday, But I AM a Nina Simone FAN. and got it all wrong. APOLOGIES.

  10. rika93100 says:

    Hoakin,svaka cast…to nam je trebalo…:D prava stvar…:D ;)

  11. GIESA86 says:

    It’s the best jazz compilation what I’veve ever heard :-) Thanx

  12. The best of music. Pure Jazz Sound 4 ever !!!
    19:58 is delicious !!!

  13. CindyBurmese says:

    Why does this video have any dislikes? *shaking head*

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