Jake Miller – Like Me (Official Music Video)

Jake Miller – Like Me Original Song By Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Management: Frank@23-management.com / 917-523-5150 Booking: IGoldenring@paradigmagency.com or 831-375-4889 Video Directed & Produced by Martin & Oscar Ubilluz (Mu2 Productions) Special Thanks To Dor Dorim & the kids of South Florida LYRICS lemme tell you all a story everybody gather round once there was boy he was the coolest kid in town he knew he wasnt perfect just like everybody else but he always knew the importance of stayin true to himself cause all other kids would hide behind a mask so when they took attendance he the only one in class who could raise his hand when he heard his name never lost track of who he was or tried to change even through the peer pressure he was happy in his skin everyone around him was obssessed with fittin in he never let the words of others get in his way hey and thats what made him into the man he is today SING now his friends were dressin different barely recognized em everyday was halloween costume had disguised em girls covered in make up to make up for the insecurities guys were actin tough to make up for their immaturity yeah but he always followed his heart once he almost gave, but knew it wouldnt be smart cause its hard to stay the same in a world thats always changing but he looked around to find he was the only one remaining who wasnt just another face in the crowd and in that moment, he never felt so proud cause he <b>…</b>

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19 Responses to “Jake Miller – Like Me (Official Music Video)”

  1. pelle12340 says:

    I have loop button.

  2. cintya4 says:

    Omg i love this song! :) its so cute and not only that but i showed it also shows that everyone is unique no matter what people say in a world that is constantly changing. I even showed this to my friend that gets bullied, and after watching this she felt happy :) Thank you Jake!

  3. Stephen Ayy says:

    Freshletes (dot) com

  4. I was getting in panik over there Chiddy bang – opposite of adults was playing on my pc… and then i found out it was this song….

  5. You killed it in this track bro.

  6. BeagleEXE says:

    this song reminds me of trickshotting 2010

  7. WalshyMusic says:

    Hey I hate to do this because nobody likes these type of comments…
    But, im trying to be a rapper, ive got one song that ive made and it honestly every single view means so much to me because its almost impossible to get your name known on youtube. So thanks for reading this, and if you have a minute, check out my channel and first song. Thanks all.

  8. Best song by best artist :) thumbs up if you agree

  9. Thumbs if if Jake should cover for Mind Your Manners or Opposite of Adults both originally by chiddy bang :)

  10. Amy Mahone says:

    He is beyond SEXY!!! <3

  11. honestly make your own songs. first whistle from thats “guy” forgot his name but know like me by chiddybang.

  12. @packmancocksucker stfu get off this video better yet off youtube and suck your daddys chode and take it up your fuckin ass

  13. skillender says:

    When is this coming to itunes??

  14. puser30 says:

    An 11 year old kid comes home from school and his mom says ” What did you do at school today ” The 11 year old kid answers ” meh .. just in an music video with jake miller.. nuthin big ” Go Jake Miller! xD

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