My Homey- Woody Rock feat. Dru Hill

a song by woody rock from Dru Hill feat. dru hill called my homey. its hot from the album Soul Music

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8 Responses to “My Homey- Woody Rock feat. Dru Hill”

  1. kingz29 says:

    This Song mannn <3

    I LOVE Jesus 

  2. Güray han says:


  3. Cedric Soul says:

    its a spritual song bro lol. man u crazy

  4. Jesus is my best homie ! God bless all ya brothaz !

  5. 23Mogreene says:

    great message from a true men my boy woody rock.

  6. “Said you’re my hoooooooomieee!!!! You’re my hooooomieeee!!!” LOOOOVE this song! (^_^)

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