Herbie Hancock – Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island

An amazing rendition of canteloupe island.

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10 Responses to “Herbie Hancock – Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island”

  1. TheLasagneLP says:

    you’re still young. and don’t say you mean when you were really young, cause you are still really young


    Is the guitar player Pat Metheny?

  3. Rick G says:

    I’m kind of… proud that this has 6 million views

  4. is herbie hancock here playing? sory i’m a noob

  5. nop herbie´s humping ur mom!

  6. delboy674 says:

    Im so glad Craig Charles managed to find a career in drumming after robot wars finished.

  7. 335fusion says:

    That shirt has as much jazz as the song

  8. This video just mind fucked me. It was amazing. I wish I had that much skill and talent!

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