My Heart Is – Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)

Donation Single: – Donate as much as you want! You guys are the best… Thank you!! :) iTunes: – You can get the song & album here. Bandcamp: – Download in your format choice: Lyric video – This is my FAVORITE song off the album as well as the album title. I picked this as the album title because all the songs are written from my heart. I write down my feelings, turn them into songs, and now… 'my heart is' yours :) I met these tennis players last spring at a fundraising event and got to know them and learned about the foundation and how the program helps kids, like them, get college scholarships. I thought it was really cool. I had the idea to do this music video with a tennis theme and wanted to include the youth from the foundation. It was so much fun!! It was also the first time I EVER played tennis, and now I love it. I hope this song will help support the work of the foundation and my friends there. I hope you like it and thanks for watching!! Love, ~TIffany Connect with me here :) Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TiffanyAlvord Keek: [ Video Produced by JC Schroder with Star Com Productions ] Lyrics: Ah, ah-oh, oo-woo-oo-oo-oo Ah, ah-oh, oo-woo-oo-oo-oo Don't run, just walk Oh dang, he's hot Here we go, one more time Oh dang, he's fine My heart is beating and pounding for you My heart is melting and I'm falling for you My heart is, complete, ever since we did meet My heart is, my heart <b>…</b>

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12 Responses to “My Heart Is – Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)”

  1. Ahie Said says:

    Tif, wish you will be the great and an amazing singer. Will always support you. Much Love from Malaysia

  2. Did you write this song?! (really good)

  3. TheBakerm says:

    Don’t run, Just walk, Oh dang, He’s NOT.

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  5. Don’t run just walk oh dang he’s hot. Probably my favorite line lol good job! Love the song

  6. Dreamexre says:

    Why didn’t u go for the Xfactor ?

  7. kierandown1 says:

    Your not usually like that in your other videos

  8. i love singing i just wish i had such a good camera guy tell me how you add the music and tell me everything i wanna make music vids like this and put them up i have been watching all of your videos please send a direct message telling me how to do these videos

  9. Frozen Liars says:

    Your sound has changed thats all

  10. Lamar Hassan says:

    I like Ur Voice ,but you’re kind of Fake,I like Megan Nicole more than U whenever I tell my friends about they don’t know U,but the only thing they know about U is that singed a song with Megan,Megan is more Famous,Ur Prettier than Megan,but Megan is more talented ,I’m sorry:(…….But in my opinion ur not Fake,but just a little bit Fake I love Your voice& your videos, love U

  11. Lamar Hassan says:

    Follow ur Dream …But Studies comes First

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