Halo 3 ODST – Soundtrack – Jazz Parts

I do not own, neither did I make any of this music. These are the jazzy parts you hear in Halo 3 ODST while playing the game, these are my favorite parts so I thought I would upload this. ODST is my favorite halo game, the story that surrounds it, the gameplay, and the music…..OMG THE MUSIC(sorry I'm a jazz fan). While playing I would actually stop and just listen to the music and I even have it on my i-pod, so in my opinion this is some of the best instrumentals ever for a game(again my opinion). But anyways enjoy! Original Tracks- Mombasa Streets Asphalt and Ablution, Mombasa Streets Neon Night,Mombasa Streets Bits and Pieces, and Mombasa Streets Deference for Darkness.

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15 Responses to “Halo 3 ODST – Soundtrack – Jazz Parts”

  1. Ryan Grant says:

    these songs are very mood changing. a good piece of music will do that to you. i love halo’s soundtracks for that reason. there’s a certain peaceful somber serenity about them and yet they are so powerful

  2. Ryan Grant says:

    I completely agree

  3. Quake4and6 says:

    Here’s another idea … no.

  4. They did brilliant on this work. They thought of everything right. “The quiet soldier that nobody knows still survives and goes through the dark night looking at the horrible outcome of the war earlier that day. His curiosity is well displayed and the cold futuristic settings and binging noisy electronic noises make it all so well…Along with the little green robo face that depicts emotional views of the situation, the mystery feeling to is is just excellent.

  5. Why doesn’t anyone seem to realize this game was just a cash in? Sure it might of been emotional but that doesn’t make up for the outrageous price tag for a very short game.

  6. Picture this; Halo 4: ODST
    I know this soundtrack by O’Donnel is amazing, but from what I have heard from Halo 4′s OST, I think Neil Davidge might be able to pull off an even sexier jazz side of Halo. I think it would be badass.

  7. hrisi117 says:

    I agree, they showed they could create an emotional and mysterious atmosphere, not just the epic run-in-guns-blazing-in-broad-daylight thing previous Halo games had.

  8. lattask8er says:

    If you have time, it would be appreciated if you viewed the remix I did of Lightning’s Theme from Final Fantasy XIII. Links on the video in the annotations, thanks!

  9. Wow I never though about that, but yeah it does seem that way

  10. halo 4s soundtrack was horrible, it ruined the “classical” ideal halo has. together with the 8th grade story line just stomped the series into the ground. halo was never about “action” it was about vast vibrant landscapes with interesting creatures and a story line leading you through. halo 4 had none of that, it was a linear mess with brown as the major color.

  11. Loganime95 says:

    Hey back off on halo 4. I admit its not as great as id like it to be but its better than black ops 2 and assassins creed 3.

  12. PacOrange9 says:

    imagine it with halo 4′s engine :O

  13. cervanka1 says:

    You never know…….. Halo 4 ODST. :) Posibility

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