A-ha – Angel In The Snow

© 2010 WMG Angel In The Snow

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7 Responses to “A-ha – Angel In The Snow”

  1. So moving, and inspirational…it moves you. This song affects you in a way you never knew was possible. You cry, and your left to wonder why…It just speaks to me.

  2. a-ha the best of the best

  3. lsukh15 says:

    Точно,А-ха лучшая группа!

  4. fortunately it was not morten who died in this video….please morten! don’t u ever die!!!! mags and pal, neither you two :)

  5. I wanna cry every time I hear this piece of awesomeness. It’s emotional, and I want to thank Lauren Savoy for inspiring husband Pal to write it.

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