The Greatest Jazz Songs

A collection of soothing, relaxing and romantic jazz music. This jazz collection is part 1. The pictures used are the album covers. 1. Atlantic Five Jazz Band (Original artist is Dave Brubeck) – Take Five 2. Ace – Relaxation Ii 3. Atlantic Five Jazz Band – Mona Lisa 4. Denis Solee – That Old Black Magic 5. Easy Listening Instrumentals – When Sunny Gets Blue 6. Saxo Ambiental 7. Atlantic Five Jazz Band – Stella by Starlight 8. Denis Solee – On a clear day 9. Kaori Kobayashi – Walk in the Night 10.Benny Goodman – Moonglow For Star Trek Voyager fans, "That old Black Magic" song was sung by Seven of Nine during a simulation of World War II on the first part of the episode "The Killing Game". It was also performed by The Doctor, Harry Kim and his jazz band called 'Harry Kim and the Kimtones' in the episode "Virtuoso". All of the music (apart from Saxo Ambiental) is available to download through Apple iTunes. Due to the deluge of comments, I'm putting a temporary break on all new comments.

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13 Responses to “The Greatest Jazz Songs”

  1. The203Movies says:

    Me(listening to Jazz)
    Friend: Dude, why are you listening to Jazz?
    Me: Because it’s real music

    Friend(listening to Nicki Minaj)
    Me: Why are you helping to destroy human civilization?
    Friend: Well um……..

  2. chris ro says:

    a cigar mate, a cigar and a bourbon. yea, a bourbon.

  3. how much i love this songs!

  4. Cutiemania24 says:

    At this rate the future generations of music might be even worse i’m afraid

  5. Beautiful songs, love it.

  6. TitoGaga100 says:

    Lady Gaga is a great American artist, Fyi She has very beautiful slow songs about being in love not about Sex.

  7. HellionRex says:

    apparently it’s come to sex sex sex ;o

  8. Its relax after the test 8D

  9. peace of mind……..

  10. leprachaunz5 says:

    Lady Gaga is a mediocre pop singer. I agree, this is real music.

  11. เจ๋งๆ มากๆ

  12. fesma94 says:

    If Lady Gaga an Biber are great American artists today, so Got, please forgive this country !

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