Greatest Jazz Songs Part 2

A selection of the highest quality jazz music, ピアノジャズ, ロマンチックなジャズ, ジャズを緩和する. A combination of smooth, sensual, relaxing and romantic jazz music. Most of the pictures are the album covers. Beegair Adair – The way you look tonight The key session's quartet – Come fly with me Denis Solee – Cry me a river Denis Solee – Body and Soul Yoku Tamura – Blue Bossa Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street Dexter Gordon – Blue Bossa Grooploop – Merry go round of life Kaori Kobayashi – Airflow Grooploop – A town with an ocean view The music is available from iTunes.

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12 Responses to “Greatest Jazz Songs Part 2”

  1. Indeed a knockout!… loved and enjoyed every strings, every beat> Gosh….. this is something to let you get into the loving mood again. absolutely outstanding…. I am a jazz enthusiasts… Thanks for putting this together.  betsy4624

  2. sooooo mellow Great share….

  3. i love it…. jazz love it….

  4. Shederriere says:

    who cares how old are you?

  5. LeClairxe says:

    We are soul mates.

  6. shigureism says:

    places and people we haven’t discovered yet.

  7. agentx4100 says:

    these some cold jazz ..

  8. Luis19301 says:

    Preciosas melodías que fueron inmortalizadas por Sinatra………

  9. Ashley Allen says:

    Love love jazz!!!!!

  10. Ariel Silva says:

    beautiful ! thank you.

  11. ravi113113 says:

    :( It carry me back nostalgia for love

  12. knzleong says:

    jazz is for old man like me with a cup of black coffee

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