GBE presents Chief Keef – Campaign Sosa touring in Dallas

Glory Boys Entertainment presents Chief Keef @chiefkeef Campaign Sosa invades Dallas,TX Directed and edited by Will Harris Productions @theewillharris

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15 Responses to “GBE presents Chief Keef – Campaign Sosa touring in Dallas”

  1. akaWeezyF says:

    whats the song at 7:00??

  2. ANTOfficial1 says:

    Hey everyone,im 16 year old artist and have been making music for 5 years. Itd mean the world to me if you could go to my channel and check me out. If you dont feel like it its all good but itd be trill as fuck if you did. You wont be dissappointed! Im just young with a dream,subscribe if you like!  Peace

  3. slape niet says:

    Proud of this guy


    if the word evr get tah ya chief, hit me up fo some VIP, really wanna see all this!!!

  5. mtjodis says:

    Chief Keef- Appreciation

  6. What song is he rapping at the concert

  7. Youtube: “bizzness(Freestyle)” by $KRILLA

  8. souljas audio mastering sounds ..#UN-pRO

  9. if he was in the cliff or grove he woulda got robbed if dem body guards wasnt armed he finna lay it, cuz them 3 niggaz he had wit him was lightweight 214 upz Nawf Texas!

  10. Mr01Dantana says:

    a rich jewish dude has invested money in him thts the only reason he got those armed body guards with him…. Come to chicago where he come from you will see he BDN 30,000 strong and thats just in the chi.. they some young street niggas thats about that life my point is they will up that pole and change niggas Chi raq  no good englewood 60621.

  11. Chief Keef -Understand Me

  12. kman92 says:

    Its “money ova everything by Leek E Leek”

  13. What is that song called at 2:59 ?

  14. lilcstorm9 says:

    0:11 chief keef-fuck u sarring at?

  15. lilcstorm9 says:

    leakee leak-(forgot the name)its produced by jimmy nutron look it up,i know it cuz im a producer and i listen to his beats(jimmy nutron) and heard leakee leak on one of his beats

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