‪DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard

Music Video: ‪DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard

‪DON'T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard

Discuss this battle in the forum: www.dontflop.com @_Rone Vs @IAmBlizzard Held at Barmingham Hosted by @Twitteurgh Filmed by @BodyBagnall Edited by @Cruger7

Source: ‪DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard (Youtube).

‪DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard Photo

‪DON'T FLOP - ‬Rap Battle - Rone Vs Blizzard

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4 Responses to “‪DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Rone Vs Blizzard”

  1. ZigZaggn says:

    dont flop is so whack. don’t get me wrong Eurgh can competely destroy and win at any level hes amazingly good, cruger is an absolute boss hes by far my favorite (what he did to illusion z i will never forget) and shotty horror is dope but i think quite overrated, fucking dope ive seen every battle, but overrated. Don’t flop needs more quality control just like kotd and got beef. 90% of don’t flop battles suck. I’m not hating on UK i’m just saying

  2. Retrokiller says:

    go watch some of the old blood in the water events or watch some tenchoo/oshea battles and call me in the morning. fackin trolls

  3. jayou540 says:

    2:41 eurgh’s shaking his head then blizzard stumbles and eurgh keeps shakin his head ahahaha

  4. GraysonMMO says:

    Non of them are any good, Blizzard gets beat by everyone he faces. We will see when they eventually battle and Lunar C will smash him.

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