EPIC Dance Fight + Arms and Hands + Hiphop As We

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18 Responses to “EPIC Dance Fight + Arms and Hands + Hiphop As We”

  1. lonnDude says:

    germany like a boss*_*

  2. Lowley97 says:

    MirrorzFX sent me back! :D D

  3. MadameFruity says:

    MirrorzFX and JuBaFilms for the Win! (^.^)/

  4. MrsApplex says:

    Yeah MirrorzFX and JuBaFilms. ♥

  5. Haha all the MirrorzFX posts now because Ardy posted this Video 2 hours ago ^^

  6. TheJRZGRL609 says:

    The Brooklyn Nets??? thefuck..why they change it from NJ

  7. biggyoni says:

    lol nice Eurotrip reference!

  8. Thumbs up for Ficus @ 1:00!!

  9. McLoverXXX says:

    tutting, bboying, tutting, bboying, tutting, bboying… pffffff

  10. flob96 says:

    JUBA-Films *__*

  11. Anna Stanton says:

    check my channel out ! 16 year old bgirl ! breakdance… search this…
    Street Dance | ANNA STANTON ‘Bgirl Anna’ | SHC |
    thankyou !!

  12. prdo2 says:

    dont hate on Bratislava .. look what do we have here! .com/watch?v=vXcpC2IILVY

  13. pherkann says:

    fake supreme cap lol

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