Dru Hill- Tell Me Lyrics Video

My Second Video :D Hope all goes well!.. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED

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11 Responses to “Dru Hill- Tell Me Lyrics Video”

  1. MrSexiiass96 says:

    whats the song at the end???

  2. mzlela says:

    Got to get it : Sisqo.

  3. mzlela says:

    Your Welcome :D 

  4. Miss this song so much!! Now, this is REAL MUSIC!!!!!

  5. damn this my jam i remember this lol dem was those fun ass days

  6. shay latrice says:

    @create87forward Rite

  7. djohnson8578 says:

    Middle school…had the album

  8. djohnson8578 says:

    I remember one of my big bro friends was using our phone at the house and had the audacity, to try to use some lines from this song to talk to a girl….lame ass LOL

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