Dru Hill ~ Tell Me (Live)

Gotta love the bounce dance they do :-D

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18 Responses to “Dru Hill ~ Tell Me (Live)”

  1. kevante1 says:


  2. kevante1 says:


  3. BlackLaw2020 says:

    that was a cole ass performance

  4. love dru Hill, especially Sisqo!!!!!!!

  5. donntae35 says:

    My favorite group in life jodeci n Dru hill lets get more music!!!

  6. @chocolatediva20 me too I love sisqo

  7. The spin at 2:38 is almost as good as Michael Jackson’s.

  8. jamiej2k6 says:

    lool that spin was some gay ass shit. he got happy after he took his top off

  9. Nanadsyl says:

    Im 51 and Dru Hill is and always will be the TRUTH! They need to do Unsung episode on these guys!!

  10. NicoleH73 says:

    Say what you want about Sisqo, that man could sing his ASS OFF!

  11. nuttwillie says:

    That spin was Cold. Dru hill sealed the deal many times. Dayum “When I lay you down I can hear your body speak Tellin me kiss you til your knees get weak. WORK IT WORK IT” You know it was over then. Money killed a great group. @ least we have CD’s

  12. The10Legends says:

    Wow this brings back memories.Me and my sis screaming for sisqo as kids.He was my favorite.Sisqo was a fine dude.

  13. that old lady could have made Sisqo trip at 2:39

  14. cut3fac3onm3 says:

    Sisqo be jumpin his ass off in this video

  15. We soooo need more music like this to come back. That’s why romance has died because it’s all dance and club music!!!!

  16. Rodney Davis says:

    Missing 90′s and 80′s and 70′s music SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!

  17. lwj24 says:

    I just noticed that, he could have really gotten fucked up

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