Dru Hill – We’re Not making love no more

Dru Hill – We're Not making love no more

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12 Responses to “Dru Hill – We’re Not making love no more”

  1. hahmiss says:

    they dont make ‘em like this anymore…. ;’(

  2. LDevornMUSIC says:

    i promise you their music…ahhh just soo good…cant be duplicated!

  3. cjc2115 says:

    He fucked up that “YEAAHHHH” at 4:19

  4. Boyz II Men is 1,000,000 times better and Boyz II Men lead singer Wanya will murder sisqo

  5. hght says:

    where did this concet come from???

  6. lexis1234 says:

    you my friend is a hater lol

  7. Well especially now. Wanya can still sang, but Sisqo….. Yeah he lost it.

  8. Yup..they still got it!

  9. AF3NI says:

    wooooow fucking hot shit when was this ? I miss this kind of music

  10. Valerie Hall says:

    What I like, they sound just like the record. Nothing worse than going to a concert and they don’t sound good outside of the studio. You go Dru Hill

  11. SMOOT2012 says:

    Sisqo’s flow was soooooo nice!

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