Dru Hill – Love MD (NEW SINGLE 2010)

Dru Hill's leading single off their new album InDRUpendence Day! INDRUPENDENCE DAY -June 29th 2010! US FANS, SUPPORT THE SINGLE BY BUYIN IT ON ITUNES HERE: itunes.apple.com (unfortunately not available in the UK, i don't know about other countries, but be sure to check out your countries itunes store, also on amazon!) LYRICS: Nokio talking: Movers, 600 Brand new house, 1.5 million Turnin' this house into a home Priceless SisQo: Feels like my last name is "Motherf—–," first name "you" On a long and winding road to show you I'm the truth But you're filled with despair, and your heart don't care, If I die Today, you'll probably leave me right here. (Oh Girl) I aint the one to f— with, (Oh Girl) But I ain't leavin 'til you say you quit, (Oh Girl) I know we're gonna survive, and no matter how much money it takes we're gonna get by.. Chorus (x2) I'm just survivin her, She's just survivin me, We can meet up in the middle Find the answer to this riddle, Until we both agree Jazz: Need an opinion, unbiased someone to talk to An outsider who understands what we're going through Lack of communication's breeding the separation And I don't wanna lose you.. no nohoo no Baby it looks like we're gonna need need some therapy-py To get us back on track the way that we used to be-be, My heart is cryin out ma baby it's killing me-me That's why every night you see me down on bended knee-knee Chorus (x6) I'm just survivin her, She's just survivin me, We can meet up in the middle Find the <b>…</b>

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8 Responses to “Dru Hill – Love MD (NEW SINGLE 2010)”

  1. redshida1 says:

    love them so much yeah babe

  2. Rogarou Zet says:

    such a beautiful song

  3. tavon1220 says:

    @mirballerinaxoxo Maryland where they and im from woooooooooo lol jk

  4. cjc2115 says:

    why would you say fuck k-ci and jojo when those 2 inspired dru hill?, you are one dumb fucking person.

  5. @ cjc2115 ok so now we are playing the name game are we look for 1 u dnt know me bitch and i said that comment out of the pure respect for dru hill. also to be even more DUMB as you would say i feel that dru hill wuz and always be GREATER THEN KC & JOJO SO FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  6. willied323 says:

    jazz crashed his verse…nigga cold

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